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Founder & Managing Director

Prior to founding Jedar Capital, Sherif was the Commercial Director at ArpuPlus, a mobile services company working in the Middle East & Africa. he joned the company as an early employee and and in 15 years played an instrumental role in growing the company into the biggest regional mobile services provider in the Middle East region. He brings a vast experience as a technology operator, working since 1998 in different domains like enterprise solutions, mobile, messaging, cloud communications, financial services & mobile payments.

In 2015 he joined as an active LP investor in A15 tech fund, he was also active in the startups ecosystem in Egypt, Middle East & Africa with connections to founders, accelerators, incubators, VC firms and angel investors in the region.

He is also an Angel investor with a portfolio of startups in Europe, USA & Middle East

Sherif moved to USA in 2020 where he founded Jedar Capital and is especially interested in impactful investing in verticals that can change lives with financial inclusion and wellbeing, access to health services and digital transformation in retail and logistics. He is focusing on bringing value as a bridge between USA and Middle East & Africa regions.

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